Mediacharge advises PTC entering the DACH market

Mediacharge advises PTC entering the DACH market

PTC Inc. is a software company that provides solutions for computer-aided design, product lifecycle management, and the Internet of Things. Their flagship product is the Windchill PLM platform.

Mediacharge played a crucial role in helping PTC, a leading technology solutions provider, enter the DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) region. With their extensive expertise in digital marketing, Mediacharge devised a comprehensive strategy that combined several different tactics, including search advertising with Google and Bing, account-based marketing on LinkedIn, granular remarketing in GDN, and social channels.To begin with, Mediacharge leveraged search advertising on both Google and Bing to increase PTC's online visibility in the DACH region. By targeting specific keywords that potential customers were searching for, Mediacharge was able to ensure that PTC's brand appeared at the top of search engine results pages, leading to increased click-through rates and higher conversion rates.

In addition, Mediacharge utilized account-based marketing on LinkedIn to connect with decision-makers at key accounts in the DACH region. This approach involved creating customized messaging and content that resonated with the target audience and offering them personalized solutions to their specific business challenges.To further enhance PTC's digital marketing efforts, Mediacharge employed very granular remarketing in GDN and social channels.

By leveraging user data and behavior, Mediacharge was able to deliver highly targeted and relevant ads to users who had previously interacted with PTC's brand, increasing the likelihood of conversion.Overall, Mediacharge's strategic combination of search advertising, account-based marketing, and granular remarketing was instrumental in helping PTC successfully enter the DACH market. By targeting the right audience with the right message, PTC was able to establish a strong foothold in the region and drive business growth.

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