Mediacharge advises WEGLOT entering the DACH market

Mediacharge advises WEGLOT entering the DACH market

As the digital landscape continues to expand and diversify, businesses are increasingly looking at international markets to increase their presence and profitability. One such expansion was embarked upon by Weglot, a comprehensive website translation solution, when they decided to penetrate the DACH region – Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

To achieve this, Weglot sought the assistance of Mediacharge, a marketing agency known for its expertise in developing and executing aggressive pay-per-click (PPC) strategies. Recognizing the potential of the DACH market, with its robust economy and tech-savvy businesses, Mediacharge decided to adopt a strategy focusing on high-value B2B accounts.

The first step involved extensive research into the DACH market, understanding its complexities, cultural nuances, and the competitive landscape. This intelligence gathering phase was critical to tailor an effective PPC strategy that could deliver strong Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Mediacharge used its proprietary technology and data analytics capabilities to identify potential B2B clients that would be most receptive to Weglot’s offerings. Using a combination of look-alike audiences, contextual targeting, and advanced keyword strategies, Mediacharge was able to reach out to these high-value accounts with personalized ads.

Mediacharge also understood the importance of timing and implemented a dayparting strategy. By studying the behavior of the target audience, they were able to serve ads at times when the potential clients were most active, thus maximizing the chances of engagement and conversion.

An aggressive bid strategy was employed to stay competitive. Mediacharge optimized Weglot’s bids using machine learning algorithms and real-time data, which ensured that Weglot stayed ahead of its competitors in the PPC race. This enabled Weglot to achieve maximum visibility and click-through rates, which directly translated into high ROAS.

Moreover, to support the PPC efforts, Mediacharge also refined Weglot’s landing pages to ensure high conversion rates. They applied A/B testing and multivariate testing to experiment with various design elements, content, and call-to-action placements, ensuring that every click garnered through the PPC campaign had the highest potential to convert.

Through this meticulously crafted PPC strategy, Mediacharge was able to drive a significant number of high-value leads to Weglot. The results were impressive – the entry into the DACH region was not only successful, but Weglot also saw a notable increase in their customer base and a strong ROAS.

This venture between Weglot and Mediacharge demonstrated the importance of a well-researched and aggressively implemented PPC strategy, especially when entering new, potentially lucrative markets. It stood as a testament to the power of collaborative efforts and strategic planning in achieving ambitious business objectives.

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