Mediacharge launching 12 new Countries for Nayax

Mediacharge launching 12 new Countries for Nayax

Nayax Ltd. is a global fintech company that sells cashless, telemetry, management, monitoring and business intelligence products for retail and unattended retail. Mediacharge runs the PPC campaigns in many countries in the EU for NAYAX.

Mediacharge has managed to successfully scale Nayax's account-based marketing efforts across 12 different countries. This achievement is remarkable considering the complexities involved in reaching diverse audiences in different regions with varying cultural nuances.To achieve this goal, Mediacharge developed an account-based marketing strategy that started with Google Ads.

They used their expertise to create targeted campaigns that reached Nayax's desired audience. They used Google's advertising platform to target the right keywords, demographics, and geographic locations.Once they had targeted potential customers in each of the countries, Mediacharge then implemented a remarketing campaign that focused on specific market segments in the vending machine industry.

This allowed them to tailor their marketing message and products to the needs of each market segment.Through their account-based marketing approach, Mediacharge was able to ensure that Nayax's message was reaching the right people at the right time, which ultimately led to increased sales and growth for the company. Additionally, by using remarketing campaigns, they were able to continue to engage potential customers who had previously shown interest in Nayax's products.

In conclusion, Mediacharge's account-based marketing strategy, coupled with ability to learn fast about the vending machine industry, was instrumental in scaling Nayax's marketing efforts across  12 countries. Their ability to tailor the message to specific market segments and use remarketing campaigns ensured that Nayax's products reached the right people and achieved the desired results.

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