Mediacharge advises Solarwinds entering the European market

Mediacharge advises Solarwinds entering the European market

SolarWinds is a US company specializing in network management software. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and included in the Russell 1000 index. Mediacharge operates all performance marketing channels in the DACH region.

SolarWinds, a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, recognized the significant growth opportunity present within the DACH region – Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The company, aiming to expand its market reach, turned to Mediacharge for support in crafting a robust and aggressive Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategy.

Mediacharge, with its specialized focus on digital marketing and ad campaign optimization, began by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the DACH region's business environment. The agency focused on understanding the behavior, needs, and pain points of the prospective B2B clients within the region, all of which was crucial in tailoring a PPC strategy that could deliver a strong Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

To tap into the significant potential of these high-value B2B accounts, Mediacharge employed an aggressive and focused PPC strategy, leveraging the strengths of two powerful platforms - Google Ads and LinkedIn. The combined use of these platforms would ensure a broad reach and high visibility amongst relevant business audiences.

For Google Ads, Mediacharge implemented a strategic keyword plan, focusing on those most relevant to SolarWinds' offerings and the IT needs of the targeted businesses in the DACH region. They used Google's advanced machine learning algorithms to optimize bids and maximize visibility for these keywords, achieving competitive positioning in search results.

Moreover, they utilized Google’s powerful remarketing capabilities, serving highly targeted ads to users who had previously engaged with SolarWinds' content or visited their website. This ensured the continuity of brand visibility, reinforcing the message and increasing chances of conversion.

On the LinkedIn front, Mediacharge leveraged the platform's unique B2B targeting capabilities. LinkedIn, being a professional networking site, offered an unmatched ability to reach decision-makers within businesses. By using LinkedIn’s advanced targeting options such as job titles, industry, company size, and even specific skills, Mediacharge was able to direct highly personalized ads to the key stakeholders who could directly influence the adoption of SolarWinds' solutions.

Furthermore, Mediacharge facilitated direct engagement strategies on LinkedIn, encouraging potential customers to ask questions, request demos, and initiate conversations. This helped nurture the leads through the sales funnel and foster stronger relationships between SolarWinds and its potential clients.

The carefully designed landing pages complemented the PPC strategy by providing a seamless user experience and encouraging conversions. Through A/B testing and multivariate testing, Mediacharge ensured these landing pages were optimized for maximum conversion.

This aggressive and focused PPC strategy helped SolarWinds penetrate the DACH region successfully. The campaign led to a significant increase in brand awareness, generated a large number of high-value leads, and resulted in a strong ROAS. The effort by Mediacharge to understand the target market and use the strengths of both Google Ads and LinkedIn bore significant results, highlighting the power of a well-planned PPC strategy in driving successful market expansion.

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