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How to attract high-quality applicants with performance marketing campaigns

Why your company should launch own campaigns instead of spending all your budget on jobboards

Jobboard companies like Indeed, StepStone and others often have extremely high adspendings for TV-advertisement, search ads and social-media ads. In general they drive more traffic than single companies could ever do. Why? Well because once someone started searching for a new job on such a platform, he will swipe through multiple job postings from multiple companies (who all paid for the listing) and of course this makes it easy for applicants to compare companies and jobs without switching websites or making any notes.

What's the downside of the job posting on a job board? Well, your listing is just one of a hundred of thousands of listings and the only way how you can outstand is most of the time by paying more to the job board owner. Most enterprise-sized companies already realised this decades ago; Spending all their budget on these platforms is not very sustainable for their recruiting, because you’re not only pushing your own job listing, you're also pushing the overall traffic on the job board, which may also give more impressions on listings of your competitors for example. This doesn’t mean that job boards cannot be the best channel to post your new jobs, but it means that job boards are no sustainable recruiting channel for your company, because there is not much space for individualisation like storytelling or remarketing. 

Companies like Daimler, Adidas or the Boston Consulting Group spend most of their budget on their own recruiting campaigns instead of giving it to job boards and therefore have multiple touchpoints with possible applicants on social media, on their website, on youtube, in the GDN or of course also offline. This allows them to present mainly individual creatives instead of static listing items and tell rich stories that are more individual and sustainable.

Why performance marketing

Before we jump into strategies and marketing channels, we should be clear in what we mean, if we say “performance marketing”. Performance marketing is the usage of accurate trackable online marketing channels such as Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads and many others, with a clear target outcome. 

The goal of “performance marketing to receive new applications from high potential applicants” means we want to use those online marketing channels to attract those applicants and track how many applications we received for a certain amount of budget. Once the performance marketing setup is done and runs for a couple of months, we can be very precise in our reporting and tell you exactly how many applications your company received from those channels and how much an application costs. This makes it very attractive for companies because the results of performance marketing are easy comparable to regular job postings on platforms like Indeed, StepStone or any other Jobboard that delivers transparent reports for their customers.

Things we need to know about your target applicants before we can start

Who are you searching for?

Before we can start working on any marketing campaign or tracking tools, we need to exactly what your company currently stands for and what types of applications you wish to receive in the future. Together, we create a detailed picture of those applicants so that everyone has a clear understanding of the following attributes:

  • Age range
  • Experience
  • Education and qualifications
  • Countries, states, or even cities
  • Interests and/or hobbies (optional)
  • Previous employer (optional)

Why should applicants work for your company?

Of course, we don’t just want to know who you search for, we also want to understand the reasons why someone should work for your company. Therefore we’d like to understand why current employees are happy at your company, as well as why someone new should join your team. These reasons can be similar, but they don’t necessarily have to be.

  • What is your company doing for employees, that other companies don’t do
  • What is the expertise your company has, that other companies don’t have
  • How diverse is your company
  • What’s your company size
  • What are the biggest challenges for your company
  • What are the biggest successes of your company
  • How competitive are the salaries of your company
  • If your company is recruiting from other companies or places, why should people quit their current job or living area to join your company?
  • What other benefits does your company give to employees

Which performance marketing channels should we use for your campaigns

Performance marketing is highly measurable, but this doesn’t mean that the target outcome can’t be complex and measurement can sometimes be abstract if we focus more on brand building.

Channels pros and cons

If the market for applicants is highly competitive, everyone wants to have direct results, means most companies will invest in Search Advertising and CPCs will increase very fast. In those situations it makes sense to focus on Remarketing Campaigns on Video, Display and Social Media Channels, with a very small Budget, to make sure every customer that comes through an expensive search ad, will be branded in the future. This makes the overall setup very efficient and basically rolls up the crossplattform channel “from the back”. 

If the competition for employees is not so high for your company, we recommend to directly launch Search Ad campaigns and setup the brand building channels afterwards. The cashburn will not be too high, since CPCs are typically very low, if the competition is low.

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