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The SEA/SEM Agency for Bamberg

Google AdWords and Bing Ads for the German market!

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We do search ads for Bamberg

Are you looking for the right SEA agency (Google Ads and Bing Ads) in Bamberg? We are Google partner, test winner and have specialized exactly in it. We are also happy to place paid search ads for your company in Hagen and the surrounding area throughout Germany. Arrange still today a noncommittal consulting discussion in Hagen. The initial telephone consultation is free of charge and we will be happy to give you a preliminary assessment of the extent to which search engine advertising is relevant for your company and how we can support you. You can also contact us by e-mail, use the following contact e-mail:

Your Google Partner in Bamberg

Mediacharge is a certified Google partner and has always convinced through thorough work and high-performance campaigns in recent years. As a responsible Adwords agency we exclusively employ certified Google Professionals.

Performance for Bamberg

As an Adwords agency, the success and growth of our clients is our greatest goal. In search engine advertising we fight for the reach of your business and look for efficient ways to expand your customer base.

Our Services for Bamberg

German Search Ads

What do you do if your business can't be found on the internet?
Google has become the standard tool for German consumers to get the information they need when making purchasing decisions.
We make sure  potential customers can find your business online.

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Get to know your customers through Google Analytics, Tableau BigQuery and Looker. We provide the insights you need to understand customer behaviors, optimize purchasing processes and improve conversion rates.

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A/B Testing

With Mediacharge's A / B testing methods you have the opportunity to test new designs and content for your website on a selected number of visitors. Don't just rely on instincts and opinions - Mediacharge delivers meaningful numbers that help you make the right decisions.

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From technical SEO consulting to content creation and everything in between, Mediacharge handles it all. With up to 500 high quality SEO texts per day, no other company can match the effectiveness and capabilities of Mediacharge. Register today for your free initial consultation.

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