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Search Ads for the German Market

Google has become the standard tool for most consumers to get relevant information when making purchasing decisions. We make sure for your business that potential customers can find your products or services in the right moment.

We do your Google Ads & Bing Ads
140 Mio. queries per Day in Germany

The relevance of search engine presence for companies is constantly increasing. We make sure that your company is found in search engines.

The first positions for your company

With Google Ads, we improve your presence in Google search and increase your reach so customers can find your business.

Being present at the right moment

Reach customers exactly when they are actively looking for goods or services to present products at that very moment.

We are a Google Partner

Mediacharge is a certified Google partner and has always convinced through thorough work and high-performance campaigns in recent years. All employees are certified Google Professionals and therefore experts in online advertising.

We fight four your success

The success and growth of our customers is our greatest goal. In search engine advertising we fight for the reach of your business and look for efficient ways to get your business more customers.

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